Monday, 18 November 2013

What I ate today - Paula

If you follow me on twitter then you know that I failed my detox.  I did 6 days out of 14 but not long after I planned to start the detox there was a death in my husbands family so on my first day of clean eating following my 2 juice days I attended the funeral so clean eating was out of the picture.  So really on day 3 my plan on sticking to it was put out of my control.  Then on Friday I nipped into Glasgow city centre for an event straight after work with no dinner, then went to my mums, still no dinner so ended up home at 11.30 with not eating from 2 that afternoon.  Saturday when I woke up I felt terrible, the past few days had been a rollercoaster and my plan on doing the detox already had bumps along the way.  On Sunday me and my husband planned to head into the city centre for some shopping and I had my juice for breakfast but when I left the house, I told myself that I would not continue on and would stop doing the detox.  This way I had some control over what I was eating and instead of resisting temptation and giving in, I thought it be better to decided before I went what I was doing.  So we headed into town and went to the christmas markets, which I knew there would be amazing food and no doubt there was amazing food.  I opted for pizza and curry which both me and husband shared. We both really enjoyed it and I tried not to feel too bad, after all this was my decision.

I woke up today wanting to start a fresh so decided that I would take a quick snapshot of what I ate today to almost keep a food diary.  So here is what I ate;

Breakfast - scrambled egg with courgette and mushrooms
Lunch - porridge made with semi skimmed milk (only lunch option in work ha!)
Dinner - salmon with vegetables and rice noodles

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