Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Day 1 - Rapid Fitness Living Well Detox! - Tracey

Hi there!

I thought it would be best to do these like the day after each day, if that makes sense!

Well yesterday was day 1 which was a fast day so other than some Good Green Stuff (a powder that contains lots of vitamins and minerals), some hemp seed oil and some coconut oil all I had was green tea and water!

It was really tough, I struggled even more than the last time BUT I did it! Yay me! I didn't sleep very well last night but I was the same last time so I expected it. So today I'm quite tired but excited that today I can have juices and some snacks yay!

Last time day 2 I spent the night in bed with a terrible migrane so I'm really afraid thats going to happen again but fingers crossed I'm okay!

Other than feeling a little hungry I feel not too bad and I weighed myself this morning and have already lost 2lbs! Crazy!

I can't seem to find my measuring tape to take my measurements hopefully I find it soon because obviously the later I find it the less accurate the results.

Well I'm really glad I've made it through Day 1 I think it will help me today because if I cave now I would have not ate all day yesterday for nothing! & that would make me really sad haha. I will leave another post tomorrow morning about today and hopefully it won't include a migrane story!

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