Friday, 15 November 2013

Rapid Fitness - Tracey

Paula wrote you all a nice informative post on Rapid Fitness the other day with a little bit about her perspective on it so I thought I would write mine.

So as Paula said we both did the detox back in the summer and I actually did it first and was so happy with the results Paula decided to do it too!

I was amazingly proud of myself after I finished the detox and so were all my family and friends. This detox is not easy and I could not believe I actually did the whole 2 weeks without cheating once! I had no idea I had that much will power! I LOVE food! Eating is literally when I'm at my happiest haha! and although I do try eat healthy as much as I can the weight was creeping up on me and I just wasn't happy in myself. I was having to buy the size up a little too often and that's when I decided it was time to do something before buying the next size up became my size.

I am in no way saying I'm fat or was fat but at only 5ft if I put on 5lbs it looks like 10lbs on me and I carry all my weight around my stomach area. Majority of the time I can hide it but I was sick of hiding it, I just wanted to be happier in my own skin and and just feel healthier! I was constantly feeling sluggish, tired and just rubbish!  So when I heard about the Rapid Fitness Detox I thought it sounded like exactly what I was looking for to make me feel better about myself.

Unlike Paula I prefer to do my fast/juice days at work because I find it impossible to sit in a house full of food and treats and not eat anything and I know for a fact I would fail! So at work i'm distracted by my work and the day goes in quicker and then as soon as I get home I just went straight up to my room and watched TV in bed and have an early night. Green tea is literally the secret to making it through the day if you ask me! 

Because I'm only 5ft and I'm not overweight I find it really difficult to lose any weight at all so during the detox I did only lose weight on juice and fast days, but I didn't have a large amount to lose so that was fine for me so even though the detox lasted 2 weeks, the last 4 days was clean eating days so I never lost anymore weight after my last juice day. I lost 8lbs in 10 days which is just AMAZING for me and I also lost an amazing 6 inches off my waist! To be honest though by the end of the detox I just felt so amazing in myself, people were constantly commenting on how great I was looking, my stomach looked flatter than i'd ever seen it in my life (I suffer from bloating to a whole other level literally as soon as I eat anything my stomach just balloons haha!) so I was no longer bloated which was just so great, I just felt so much happier and full of confidence and my friends and family could all see that. 

I also feel like it put me in such a good frame of mind afterwards like once I had finished I felt like my appetite was a bit more suppressed like I felt fuller so much quicker (you'd be surprised how much food i can put away for such a tiny person haha!) also usually in the past when I finish a diet I just immediately like wanted a packet of crisps or a pizza but I just didn't feel like that at all, I think I was just so proud at how well I had done that I just didn't want to ruin it so even though I did the plan in July/August time when I went on holiday in the middle of September I hadn't put on a single lb. 

I don't expect to lose much weight this time round as I still weigh less than what I did the first time round, I have decided to do it again as we all know christmas time means lots of food, nights out, and chocolate! so I just want to be looking and feeling my best for all the christmas festivities! 

Unlike Paula I will be doing the fast days, I like to do everything by the book because if i'm not 100% strict then that's how I'll fail haha! I will do daily updates on this blog starting Monday 18th. Obviously this plan I did pay for with my own money so it's only fair to the Jay and Cam that I don't disclose too much about the plan so it will be more about how i'm feeling etc and some pictures of what I'm eating/drinking.  To be honest the plan is so cheap I definitely recommend it. 

My favourite thing about the plan is that Rapid Fitness have a Rapid Fitness Group on facebook and you can speak to other people on the plan also Jay and Cam and all the other Rapid Fitness ambassadors. It's really great for support and if you have any questions about things you're not sure if you're allowed to eat on the plan. Most of the people on it are from Australia/New Zealand but everyone is so friendly and supportive! 

*Although weight loss can be expected from the plan it isn't a weight loss plan, it is a healthy living plan, however Rapid Fitness do offer other plans which are specifically for weight loss too* 

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