Monday, 11 November 2013

Rapid Fitness Living Well Detox


JAY HARRISON Rapid Fitness founder Jay Harrison, is a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Consultant and Strength & Conditioning Coach to some of New Zealand’s leading sportspeople. Jay developed Rapid Fitness as a way of compiling his sought-after training experience and comprehensive nutrition knowledge into unique, easily followed wellness plans for fitter, healthier and happier living.

CAM SMITH Cam is the Co-Founder of Rapid Fitness and is in the final stages of completing his Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Majoring in Exercise Science and Nutrition at AUT, Cam is also completing an internship under the guidance of, Jay Harrison. Cam’s interests lay in nutrition, physiology and biomechanics. 


The first step on the Living Well journey is the Living Well Detox.  The modern lifestyle is inherently and predominantly toxic.   A simple practice to assist our body in tackling this toxic build up is a detox.
The Detox also provides a mental platform for bringing our health and well-being into primary focus.


Rapid Fitness is an Australian company who being fed up with the word diet wanted to create life plans instead of fad diets and therefore created Rapid Fitness.  They believe in long term and balance in life so no yo yo diet here.

Me and my sister completed this detox back in June and really enjoyed it and thought it worked really well but holidays unfortunately came around and led us on a slippery bad path so with Christmas on it's way we are completing this detox again but this time reviewing it for you and recording our results and eating so you can get a more detailed view of the plan.

The plan costs $19 and you get a 2 week detox listing what to do each day and full recipes for your juices / smoothies / meals.  Even though it's a 2 week plan, it is still very personal as for your juice / smoothie / eating it will ask you to pick and mix what you want, therefore giving you the flexibility to create your own plan using their guidelines.

The 2 week plan consists of 2 fasting days, 4 juicing days and 8 clean eating days.  As this is a detox and a boost to starting your life clean eating plan it is tough but totally worth it.  First day is fasting which I did before and it was hard, not as hard as I had thought but this time I am skipping the fasting as this is better to start at the weekend when you can easily lay around and not let it bother you. 

I am starting tomorrow (Tracey is starting next week) and will be doing posts every few days to show the kind of things I am eating and my progress.  Now I am off to make tomorrow's juices and get me ready for the day!  

Wish me luck! 

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