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Juice Warrior 2 Day Cleanse - Paula*

Let me first tell you about Juice Warrior straight from the horse's mouth so to speak;

"Juice Warrior is run by a Glaswegian couple who bonded over their passion for health and well-being. They understand that people are becoming increasingly aware of the food they eat and what effect it has on their bodies. They then set out on an adventure to bring raw cold-pressed juices to the Glasgow masses!

Our juices are always pure and 100% cold-pressed; we never further process or pasteurise and we never add any unnecessary nasties like colourings and artificial flavourings. 

We understand that fast food and weekend benders are part of Glasgow's identity, and we know that life is for living and embracing whatever you find fun.  But most people now know the root cause of many chronic illnesses are down to lifestyle choices. Hence it is wise to take care of your body as much as possible. Even so, people are eating less vegetables now than ever and children are the most obese they have ever been. If consuming a bottle of vegetable juice a day makes getting your 5-a-day easier, then why not?

Juice Warrior believes in the power of plants!"


I am not new to juicing, I have my own juice (infact I am on my 2nd one) so I do love a few juicing days every now and then.  I first got into juicing when I accidentally Stumbled across a movie called fat, sick and nearly dead by Joe Cross.  It was about Joe’s journey in life 100lbs overweight loaded up on prescription drugs with many illnesses, he was after a more natural and nutritious way to re-gain his health and life back.  The movie follows him on his 3000 mile journey on a 60 day juice lifestyle and when I watched it, it gave me a whole new perspective on life.  Things like this don’t usually impact me but this truly did change the way I thought about food and after watching it I bought a cheap £35 juicer to get me started.  

Now on my 2nd juicer I don’t use it as much as I should as the prep and cleaning sometimes seems too much of a chore so when I found that there was a local juicing company offering fresh raw juice I was eager to give them a try.  I had a few samples to try so decided to do a 1 day cleanse followed by the 2nd day as clean eating.   Having done juice only days before I know that they can usually cause sore heads, fatigue, nausea etc due to your body withdrawing from toxins already in your body but on my first day I experienced none of these which was fantastic! Especially since the day before I was out and also had some post drinking Chinese food (whoops).  

The sizes I used were smaller than the cleanse size they usually provide but I was still happy to try. The 2 flavours I had were Sweet Beet and The Golden one.   Sweet Beet is – beetroot, carrot, apple, lemon and ginger.  The Golden One – Pineapple, sweet potato, carrot, orange and ginger.  Having done juicing before I know what flavours I can usually stomach as some are really strong so celery, beetroot and ginger were the ones that I struggle with.   


I started with the sweet beet and I was worried that I wouldn’t like it but I was pleasantly surprised, it wasn’t to strong so I just sipped away at it.  I then followed it up with golden one which I wasn’t worried about but then I realised that the ginger was far too strong for me.  After a few sips the ginger was coming through more and more and I think it took me about 40 minutes to finish it.  I followed it up with a few more sweet beets.  I went to bed fine and did feel throughout the day I had more energy.


I started with a sweet beet,a teapigs super fruit tea, then  a bowl of homemade thai prawn soup, then another juice that I this time blended with some apple and raspberries to sweeten it up more, then for dinner I made chilli with cauliflower rice, sweet potato chips, corn tortillas with a little low fat cheese on top.  My dinner was amazing and apart from the little portion of tortillas and low fat cheese it was all clean healthy ingredients, I was stuffed after it and really felt like I’d had a nice treat for my dinner.

Juice Packs for Home Delivery

Sweet Cleanse

is a fruity cleanse ideal for beginners or people who don't like their juices too green. This pack includes Evergreen, Broc On, Sweet Beet, Nothin' Fancy, Lemongrass Lemonade. Two easy to drink green juices and three delicious fruit based drinks.

Green Cleanse

is a strong green cleanse; great for experienced cleansers or people who prefer green juices. This pack includes Evergreen, Broc On, Sweet Beet, Green Powerhouse, Green Spice. Can you handle the hardcore green flavours?

Tough Love Mondays Pack 

is a smaller pack with an additional shot of wheatgrass delivered straight to your work or campus. Perfect for a full recovery after a messy weekend or just to start off the week in the best way possible. This pack includes Evergreen, Broc On, Green Powerhouse, Nothin' Fancy and a shot of wheatgrass. A great intensive one day pack.

1 DAY JUICE PACK – 5 x 518ml = £40

2 DAY JUICE PACK – 10 x 518ml = £65

3 DAY JUICE PACK - 15 x 518ml = £85

TOUGH LOVE MONDAYS PACK - 4 x 518ml + 30ml wheatgrass shot = £35

I really loved my couple of days doing this and in the future would love to try out there full 3 day cleanse with the bigger size as doing this myself would result in a huge shopping trip for supplies and major cleanup so Juice warrior is definitely on my list for my next cleanse.

You can find out more about Juice Warrior at:

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