Sunday, 22 December 2013

Day 8 & 9 - Rapid Fitness Living Well Detox

Day 8

Today I had a juicing day instead of a fast day. I felt much better than last week thankfully so my day off seemed to have did the trick.

I started the morning with a lemon and ginger water but didn't have the GGS etc again.

10:30 - Pineapple, orange and spinach juice

14:00 - 2 boiled eggs

16:00 - Pineapple, berry and spinach juice

I was planning on having an apple with almond butter since I had ran out of nuts but completely forgot and when I got home I didn't have enough spinach left to make a juice, By the time I went to get some I ended up not having a juice that night.

I didn't lose any weight today.

Day 9

Again, I started the morning with a lemon and ginger water but didn't have the GGS etc again.

10:15 - Pineapple, orange and spinach juice

13:00 - 2 boiled eggs

15:00 - Pineapple, berry and spinach juice

16:30 - Some walnuts

18:00 - 2 crackers & cheese

Today started off as another juice day however around 4 o'clock I started to get really bad stomach pains, I was scared to eat incase I made it worse but thought that I should because the reason for it was possibly the lack of food so I had some walnuts, which helped a little and when I got home I had some crackers and cheese just so there was something in my stomach but I was too afraid to have a full meal or anything and I think my body was like fruit & veg overload! haha.

I lost 1lb today, putting me 2lb below my target weight, so for this reason and the fact I was feeling unwell again I decided to wave farewell to the detox this time round!

I am going to try eat healthy and eat soup as much as I can throughout December and maybe even include a few random juice days just to keep my weight gain at bay, as I do seem to gain weight quite easily and I don't want to deprive myself when I do want something. It is christmas time afterall ha!

I haven't had the best time this time round doing this detox, however I wouldn't let this put me off doing it again, I still think its a great plan but in future I will leave a much longer gap between them.

I'd recommend doing a detox only once or twice a year at most but in future I would leave at least 6 months between them. So I will be saving this plan for summer time again.

I really like the Rapid Fitness plans, they are challenging but realistic and do deliver good results. I do also own the Rapid Fitness Living Well Plan, which I don't follow exactly but like to use as a guide for maintaining weight loss.

I hope you have enjoyed following along with me on my Rapid Fitness journey! However I'm glad its now over as that means the Christmas Festivities can begin!

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