Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Snuggle Muffin Glasgow - The Launch

Snuggle Muffin Glasgow

When I first noticed the location of Snuggle Muffin I was a little worried as it seemed out of the way but then I was quick to realise that infact it turned out to be the perfect place.  Snuggle muffin is located in a quieter area of Glasgow but given the atmosphere inside it's the perfect location. When you want a catch up with friends or a nice relaxing cake afternoon (yes this is a thing) then surly somewhere out of the way is perfect?   When going for a coffee,cake or a catch up I never go into the city centre as it's far too much faff but since snuggle muffin is located slightly off the beaten track it's centre enough to get to it easily but still tucked away that you feel like you have been transported to a little corner of heaven.

I was invited along to a tasting of what snuggle muffin had to offer and I was not disappointed.  Filled to the brim with delicious treats we really were spoilt for choice.  Snuggle muffin is like an old fashioned tea room but with a modern twist like, a pancake and waffle bar, flavored teas and smoothies.  But don't forget that it still does all the old classic like, scones, Victoria sponge and muffins.

Snuggle muffin was created by Juliane Grasekamp ,who started selling cakes from her school locker when she was 17 and now has a successful empire she can call her own.  Her dad built the counter and mum made all the artwork and with no funding she has created something really special that Glasgow is proud to host.  Now 21 years old she has a very inspirational story.  When she attended university she started catering for weddings and would hand deliver cakes using the subway, not an easy task! She then completed an internship at the Scottish Institute for Enterprise, worked at Disney land (part of her shops inspiration) and spent 8 weeks at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dubai learning about the organization and management of a hotel.  So armed with both the theory and experience in catering, business and hospitality she opened her own shop, Snuggle Muffin.

So, let's get into the good bits, the treats!!

Snuggle Muffin Glasgow
Snuggle Muffin Glasgow
Snuggle Muffin Glasgow
Snuggle Muffin Glasgow

This was a special milkshake made for the night, champagne, milkshake mix and melted marshmallows, was fantastic!  I hate champagne and never drink it but this went down a treat! And a huge hit on the night, it's not on the menu but given all the great feedback on it I did hear they were thinking of making it a regular choice, fingers crossed.

On the evening we also had a chance to design our own cupcakes, the girl's showed us first how it's done, so armed with a piping bag and a shaky hand I got to work and "tried" to perfect my inner baking goddess, i failed miserably of course but still enjoyed it and topped with sugared hearts I was happy with my little albeit it not perfect creation.

The decor in the shop is cute and lovely

Snuggle Muffin Glasgow

Snuggle Muffin don't just sell cakes and tea, they also do classes on cupcake decorating, wedding cake making, dessert tables for partys, buffet menu's for the office or events and afternoon tea.

Who can't resist handmade cakes made with love and all from a 21 year old girl, amazing story and amazing shop, be sure to pop down soon! Go and #ditchthediet even just for an afternoon.  

SnuggleMuffin Ltd
120 George Street
G1 1RF

Email: enquiries@snugglemuffinglasgow.com

Telephone: 0141 553 1100


  1. Ooh great post - love that my back made an appearance haha.


  2. ps still reminiscing over those marshmallow champagnes drinks SHAMAZING !! xx

    1. Ha I know!

      Oh i know and those little marshmallow caramel cupcakes were oooh sooo goooooood!!