Wednesday, 26 February 2014

La Tasca Silverburn Glasgow

I'm becoming so adventurous with food these days since starting this food blog! Paula has always been the adventurous one in the family when it comes to food and so shes been encouraging me to do the same. I'm your typical italian, mexican and chinese kind of girl! So first it was japanese and now I've moved onto Spanish! I (Paula) have ate at La Tasca a few times in the past but haven't been for years so I was excited to try again. 

When at another event at Debenhams in Silverburn in Glasgow (we seem to be at a lot of events these days haha) we thought it was the perfect opportunity to grab some food and what's better than some spanish tapas after some make up shopping.

I love the idea of tapas because you get to try lots of different little dishes so it's a great way to be introduced to some new food and bizarrely even though tapas are actually a spanish thing I've only ever had italian tapas (Tracey). 

We ordered six tapas to share between us;
Garlic and chilli prawns £4.95 
San miguel battered prawns £5.95..what can I say we love prawns! 
Chicken and prawn paella £3.95
Chicken and chorizo paella £3.95
Chicken croquettes £4.70 
Spanish omelette £3.85. 
You will spot mushrooms in the picture which actually were put on our table by accident so no review of them i'm afraid.

Tracey - All I have to say is why have I never ate here!? 

The san miguel battered prawns and the chicken and chorizo paella were definitely our favourite but I enjoyed everything we ordered and I cannot wait to go back and order some more.

We ended the evening with Dulce Placeres De La Tasca which was a sharing dessert for two that included chocolate brownies, vanilla cheesecake, churros, strawberries, vanilla ice cream and chocolate dipping sauce! I have just noticed on the website that there was also warm pancakes but I don't remember having them! maybe Paula ate them all haha! 

This was a really nice dessert I love sharing platters, I love having little tastes of everything and this did not disappoint especially the churros dipped into the chocolate YUM! 

Overall I recommend La Tasca, the food is delicious and there are lots of different choices so you can mix it up every time you go so its always a little different on each visit! Have a look at their menu online I will link it here

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