Monday, 17 February 2014

New Pinto Launch!

If you live in Glasgow and have never heard off or tried Pinto then shame on you!  Pinto is an amazing "fast food" Mexican cafe that offers fast healthy fresh (they don't have freezers) food bursting with flavour, in our option anyway.  

Currently located at 5 Gordon Street  and 138 Queen Street (which is licensed by the way) they are about to open their 3rd central establishment on 115 Hope Street and to celebrate this on Tuesday 18th February at the grand opening they are giving away 1000 free burritos for their #pintoparty, all very exciting! 

So what else is in store on opening day?  

On the day, they are giving away bottles of Cholula hot sauce, free burritos to the first 1000 people to enter Pinto3 (a month’s free burritos to the first in line and a week’s free burritos to the following four) and hosting some fun competitions too!  

Next, they challenge anyone who thinks they’ve got the cajones to take on their “Hombre V Food” challenge – where all participants will be invited to try a spoon-of-habanero-heat to win themselves some burrito buddy cards, a bottle of hot sauce for good measure and of course, eternal glory. 

Finally, and they're getting local businesses involved with the all-day “Golden Basket” competition! At the bottom of 50 lucky baskets, stickers will be placed informing the customer that they have won a prize. Excitiiinngg!  

On your mark, get set, go!
Date: 18th Feb 2014  
Time: 11:30am 

Will you be queuing up?

*we are receiving a gift card on writing this blog post*

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