Friday, 21 February 2014


Many moons ago my work was situated in Charing Cross and I fell in love with the area and when we moved away I actually was a little gutted.  Since moving I hardly venture there anymore so when we were invited to a new menu tasting in the area I was excited to get along and see the place again (Paula).

Situated on Sandyford Place this is parallel to Sauchiehall street so really only a stones through away from the motorway.  From the outside its a bright friendly looking place, good start so far I say.  We were invited to try the new look food at McPhabbs following a change in management and also to celebrate that they are having 50% sale on all food until 28th February!

We walked in and was escorted downstairs to the function room were we were greeted by Ryan and Steph and to our major surprise were the first ones to arrive, this never happens to us, so thumbs up for us! We had a lovely chat with Steph and then when everyone had arrived we all sat down with a drink and was told that food was on its way, I hadn't eaten since 2 so by this point my stomach was telling me it was ready for food.

The starters were displayed on a large table so we could all dive in and take pictures...yea you heard that right, take pictures, for us bloggers taking an excellent picture of un-touched food is heaven to us so even though my belly was telling me differently I was excited to get my snaps. To be honest, it only took us all about 5 minutes to get our shots so then we could tuck in, yipeee. Starters on offer were bread with olives,butter and flavoured oils, chicken liver pate and garlic mushroom crostini.  We had never tried pate before as we don't like really strong tasting meat so even though I (Paula) am usually first to get trying something new this has never appealed to me but since it was on offer to try I put one on my plate and decided to give it a go, it was what it expected it to be, rich and full of flavour but still wasn't for me, nothing against the dish just not my thing. We then tried the garlic mushroom crostini which was toasted bread with mozzarella, garlic mushrooms,and tomato and a splash of balsamic, this was amazing, was so tasty and I even went up for seconds of this.  Tracey doesn't like mushrooms so she picked these off but even with these missed she still said it was a delicious dish.

Next the mains started to come out. We were treated to mini versions of the standard portion sizes. First up was chicken goujons and chips, now like most of us we've had these in so many places that really all taste the same but somehow McPhabbs managed to inject so much flavour into these. They were coated in a light tasty batter which was perfect and the chicken inside was perfectly cooked. Sometimes they can be stodgy but these instead were light and not greasy at all so we were so impressed.

Mini burgers were next, Tracey's favourite at food events is always the mini burgers and these did not disappoint! Only downfall was that they did have mayo on them which we don't usually eat, I (Paula) can deal with it so she still ate it but Tracey can't. It was only on one side though so she just ate the burger with one side of the bun haha. Very tasty juicy burgers though, we just know if future to ask for no mayo.

I just have to mention how cute the presentation was for the fish and chips! It came in a little mini bucket wrapped in newspaper! We both agreed it was one of the best pieces of fish we'd ever had, like the chicken goujons it was so light and fresh, not greasy at all, absolutely delicious!

Next up, Lasagne (can you believe all this delicious food! neither could we!) This was Paula's favourite, bursting with flavour, something we would both order, we are huge Italian food fans and it was just as delicious as a lasagne from an Italian restaurant!

Finally was a Lamb Stew, we both absolutely love the presentation of the full size dish, so rustic! Perfect comfort food but we were so stuffed from all the previous courses we shared this, we dipped some of their gorgeous fresh bread (which was so delicious and soft) into it. This would make a perfect Sunday lunch on a cold winters day.

Overall we were both so impressed by the food at McPhabbs and will definitely be back! These types of events are really great because as it is situated a little out of the way little gems like this go unnoticed! But it is close enough to the City Centre to easily pop in. The food was absolutely delicious and they are doing an incredible 50% off all their main meals during February! So we definitely recommend trying it out now while they're doing such an amazing deal! 

They also do a pub quiz on a Sunday so be sure to pop down for that, see if you can bag yourself a prize. 

23 Sandyford Pl, Charing Cross, Glasgow G3 7NG - 0141 221 8176

We will be popping down soon for some quiz and food action, ooh yes!

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