Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Day 2 - Rapid Fitness Living Well Detox - Tracey

Hi there!

So I have made it through Day 2 and happy to say I felt absolutely fine last night and didn't have a migraine or even a headache yay! 

Day 2 I was allowed a few snacks which I was so happy about!

So I had my daily routine of lemon & ginger water, GGS etc then ..

9:30 - Orange, lemon, pineapple and spinach juice

12:15 - 2 boiled eggs and some walnuts

14:00 - Pineapple, mixed berry and spinach juice

17:00 - Some carrot sticks

18:15 - Apple, mixed berry and spinach smoothie with some added almond milk!

I didn't take any photos because well my snacks weren't exactly the most attractive I'm sure we all know what eggs and carrot sticks look like ha! and unfortunately my juices usually don't look very apetising haha.

I slept much better last night than I did on day 1 and so far so good, I'm feeling okay, my hunger comes and goes so its not too bad to deal with (except when people make toast in work, I loveeeee the smell of toast it smells so amazing!!)

So roll on day 3! My last juicing day of the week woohoo!

*Oh and I weighed myself this morning and have lost another 2lbs! 4lbs in 2 days is just CRAZYYYY!!*

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