Thursday, 1 May 2014

Las Iguanas Glasgow

Las Iguanas Comes to Glasgow!!

I (Paula) was invited to Las Iguanas a few days before it opened for a cocktail making class, loving anything with cocktail in the title I was excited to go along and see what they had to offer and also have a sneek peek of the place before it opens. I brought along a friend and we had a lovely afternoon that turned into a roll home at 3am! So yes, it was a very very good day.  Darren and Greg (who took the class) were very good teachers and we were truly spoiled with lovely cocktails and also some food (which we weren't expecting) both were fantastic!  At the class I was joined by Gerry from Gerry Kitchen and his lovely partner Nicola and Michelle from Ananyah and her partner Ross.

 We learned how to make:
Meaning “bumpkin”or “hillbilly”, a true drink of the people.Fresh lime wedges, muddled with sugar, folded with our own Magnifica cachaça & crowned with crushed ice.  This is now my favourite drink, it is so refreshing.
Absolut Berri Açaí vodka, triple sec & pomegranate juice with a squeeze of lime & a dash of grenadine.  I don't normally like a cosmo because I find the lime and cranberry too overpowering so I was interested to try Las Iguanas version and it didn't disappoint.  This was yummy, sweet and fruity.  Now, another favourite of mine.....whooppss!
Made from the heart. Olmeca Blanco tequila, crushed mint with lime, sugar & framboise. Not being the biggest fan of tequila I was hopeful the framboise would "dilute" the strong taste of the tequila but for me it didn't, it was really strong and it wouldn't be something that I would order.  This is why I love classes like this as you get to taste new things that you may not have and learn more about what you do like and what you don't.  Gerry loved this so it was right up his street.

We were invited back to the VIP Launch and again it didn't disappoint.  Myself, Tracey, my friend Kayleigh, Scott, Michelle, Ross, Gerry and Nicola all sat together and 4 of us arrived early which was a good thing as 10 minutes into the event the place was packed!  We were absolutely spoiled with continuous food, cocktails and entertainment.  The cocktail of the night for me was the MANGO COLLINS £6.40 -Absolut Mango vodka, triple sec, orange & mango juices, topped with lemonade. It was like summer in a glass, delish!

For the VIP Launch there was a DJ, his name was Coco and he was fantastic!! Latino music was played all night and the atmosphere inside was buzzing, the culture is one I am just so in love with and  I'm glad I had the Friday off!  Was a real event and one that I would happily go to once a month (paying for of course).  There was a photo booth, dancers, salsa dancing and I even had a salsa lesson from Coco! Amazing!!  We only had little bites so was nice indication of the quality and taste of what they have to offer.  Mexican/South American food is one of my favourites and when I usually attend the "chain" offerings, I am always let down on food, service, quality etc etc.  From the food I tasted on both nights I highly rated the prawns, nachos, smoked turkey enchiladas and chicken skewers.  I also discovered a new favourite cocktail, thanks to the class something that I would never had otherwise never had tasted so thumbs up from me!  It was a Caipirinhas which is Cachaça, sugar and lime and lots and lots of ice.  I usually love sweet, non alcoholic tasting cocktails usually but this is so refreshing it is my new favourite.  

Las Iguanas offer something for everyone. 
Lunch menu which is nicely priced and runs everyday until 6.30 so perfect for a later lunch or a light bite around dinner time.
Kids menu, which includes items such as; Mexi-Pizza, Wacky Tacos etc
Gluten Free Menu - A full menu for gluten free is amazing
Veggie and Vegan Menu - Again a full menu! Not all items on this menu are both veggie and vegan but they have keys next to them to indicate what is what
16-20 West Nile Street
 G1 2PW

Tel: 0141 248 5705
Opening Hours
Monday- Thursday 12.00 - 23.00
Friday & Saturday 12.00-23.30
Sunday 12.00 - 22.30
I can't wait to go back to soak up all the latin goodness that Las Iguanas.
*cocktail class and VIP launch night were all provided free of charge*

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  1. I can't wait to visit Las Iguanus. I have been to many in London so very excited we have one in Glasgow. Fab post. x