Thursday, 5 June 2014

Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn

Anything with the word skinny usually means (in my option) that it's full of nastys and gimmicky but not Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn ooooh noooo.  Popcorn has to be one of my favourite snacks and when I go to the cinema I can't help but order myself some.  A large popcorn from the cinema is around 1500 calories and I know large is for sharing but I know myself I could happily eat the whole thing *hangs head in shame*.

Being a hugeeeee popcorn lover I have tried many many types and until now nothing had ever compared to the cinema version............ until Metcalfe.

Skinny topcorn is so yummy and when me and Scott were organising the bloggers Christmas party (you can view the post here) I knew I had to include them in our goody bags and luckily enough they were kind to send us a few boxes of their skinny Corn'ers and since I love sweet 'n salt so much they also gifted me a box of topcorn.

Gluten free and suitable for Vegetarians this for me makes the perfect snack.  The ingredients are popped corn, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, no nasty E numbers just gorgeous popcorn.  115 calories per bag you shouldn't feel bad for treating yourself to this at the cinema, instead sit back and relax.  

I picked up Heat and Sweet from the poundshop in the mini lunch box size, they are perfect as a little finish to your lunch break and at 76 calories no guilt required.

Other flavours in the topcorn range include;
Sargent Salt
Sweet Cinnamon
Chocolate Crackle
Wasabi Glaze

Much to my happiness more and more stockist have been announced so it makes it even more easier for me to pick up my favourite snack -

You can also purchase online -

*box of sweet and salty was provided free of charge to myself but I purchased heat and sweet with my own money*

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