Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Takeaway Ban!

I (Tracey) am currently on a spending ban over on my beauty blog and then it came to me, what is the equivalent of a spending ban on a food blog and I've decided to have a 1 month take away ban!

If I'm totally honest I'm not the biggest take away fan, yeh I eat them every weekend but only because it's easy and either my mum and dad or my boyfriend suggest it so I just go along with it. I rarely eat a take away and think ooooh that was amazing! So I decided why am I eating them so much? Why am I wasting so much money on them when I barely even enjoy them. So I thought I will do a takeaway ban, put it on here and I may even inspire someone else to think about how much money you spend on takeaways and do you even really enjoy them that much? Paula is going to participate also and we've even got the men involved haha. We are also going to do a weekly "fakeaway". Each week will have a different theme. So this weekend's theme will be Italian! 

For the most part for us all it is just pure convenience so I invite you to join us on our takeaway ban and maybe even try out some of our "fakeaway" ideas!

1 comment:

  1. You're pretty brave, I don't think I could do that! Within one week I had FOUR takeaways! I spend way too much on takeaways, just because it's so accessible. Maybe your post will make me think before buying another one again!

    Frankie x