Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I'm sure most of you reading this are on a health kick for January, me included. It's always nice to start the year a fresh and try and lose those extra pounds gained over Christmas! However it is probably also getting to that time of the month that if you're not used to eating healthy you have probably been eating the same thing every day and are now bored and ready for giving up! 

Fear not as I have some healthy breakfast ideas to help mix it up and keep you on track! 


Porridge is a great start to the day! However I'd recommend whole grain oats over flavoured oats like syrup, which is personally my favourite but you would be surprised at the amount of sugar found in flavoured porridge! I mix almond butter through my  wholegrain oats and add in some fresh fruit such as banana's and strawberries. It's incredibly filling, a good way to get in extra protein and start you off on your 5 a day. Perfect!

Wholewheat seeded toast

If your like me and love bread, especially toast, then I'd go for wholegrain seeded bread. It's best to have carbs at the beginning of the day fading them out as the day goes on. I love to top my toast with avocado rather than butter and then add some sliced tomato on top. Its surprisingly delicious! Avocado's are so good for you and help burn fat so I try have at least half an avocado a day when I'm trying to lose some weight so this is a great way to eat avocado in the winter when it's too cold for salads for lunch. 

Fruit with greek yogurt

This is a simple, fresh and delicious breakfast, you can chose what ever fruits you like but make sure it is greek yogurt and not just a regular yogurt as they are full of sugar!

Juices and Smoothies

If you're not a breakfast person juices and smoothies are a great breakfast choice as they're full of fruit and/or veg but you don't feel like you're eating, just having a tasty drink. I'd recommend making these at home and adding spinach, which doesn't make them look the most appetizing, however you don't taste the spinach and it adds extra goodness. If you are shop buying juices and smoothies, try go for a cold pressed one like Naked. However these can be really expensive so it's much better value to make your own at home.

Veg Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are a great breakfast choice, they're high in protein. I make my scrambled eggs using almond milk and then add in some veg like courgette, spinach and tomatoes. You could add in whatever you like, I've also added in chicken  before too, to make it even more filling!

Veg Omelette

Kind of similar to the scrambled eggs, I also make my omelette with almond milk, I add in spring onions and spinach and then before I fold it over I slice cherry tomatoes and cubes of avocado and place in the middle! 

I hope this inspires you to mix up your breakfast ideas, you can use the ideas I have above or use them as a guide to create your own ideas! 


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